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1. Important Principles Of Feng Shui


Feng Shui is almost considered to be a lifestyle. The truth is that in its true and original version it is much more than that. It is an ancient Chinese art of predicting your destiny. People today consider it to be a very important lifestyle guide. Feng Shui to a few others is more about just a trend to follow. Many celebrities have embraced it, encouraging more and more people to do the same. What then are the basic principles of Feng Shui? What are the rules and habits one should follow?

Before starting we should talk about the cornerstone of the philosophy; the elements. There are five dominant elements in Feng Shui. These are, Fire, Water, Earth, Metal and Wood, and are presided over by the productive or destructive cycle. This practically means that the elements have both periods, featuring different results. When the elements are going through the productive time something is evolving to something else. For instance, water can produce wood, wood can produce fire and the entire cycle goes on so as to create the basic elements of Earth. The cycle repeats itself all over again.

When the elements go through their destructive time the results are the complete opposite; wood is supposed to damage the Earth. The earth will absorb water and dissolve metal later on. The destructive cycle is mainly associated with degeneration and collapse although there is always room for hope. Whatever goes through decay can be rejuvenated so as to create some new room for development and growth.

Except for the elements and their cycles, there are also colors that are fundamentally important for the art of Feng Shui. The colors follow a pattern which is:

The wood represents green color, fire red, water blue (and sometimes black) and earth mostly brown or yellow. Metal represents silver and gold, although sometimes it might represent white as well.

The main idea of the philosophy is harmony. The person who practices Feng Shui has to achieve the Yin and Yang balance, which represent the negative and positive energy that surrounds us. This energy exists in the atmosphere and controls over our lives.

According to the philosophy and art, Feng Shui applies to all aspect of our lives. From the working and living environment to the way we start the day, Feng Shui can rejuvenate and inspire us in every step we take. In order to apply the basic principles of Feng Shui you will need to consult with a practitioner who can assist you to understand them and apply them more effectively. The goal is to achieve harmony with the ambience and habitat and find the much desired balance in your everyday life with the surroundings.


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